University of Engineering & Technology Lahore (UET), a flagship in engineering education and research, and the oldest engineering institution in the country, always endeavors for better industry-academia relationships. UET emphasizes on close interaction with industry through frequent visits, internship opportunities and industrially-focused R&D projects. Carry along this very agenda, UET holds Industrial Open House & Career Fair (IOHCF) as a mega event to present its current design and R& D activities to the industry and provide a platform where the industry, faculty and the graduating students interact for future projects, hiring and better understanding. In this context, I feel immense pleasure to invite the industry, faculty and students on upcoming IOHCF’19 that will be held on 3-4th April, 2019 for extensive exposure, congenial interaction and future engagements. I strongly believe that these types of events go long way in exploring future collaborations, hiring best talent and introducing yourself to your technology partners for progress and growth. Last three events of this kind have been a real success where a large number of industries participated by sponsoring these events, set up their stalls and viewing students design posters. I hope, this year too, we will have a phenomenal participation and enthusiasm both from industry and students to make this event a real success.

Looking forward to welcome you all at IOHCF’19,

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser
Convener, IOHCF’19